Thinking of travelling to magical India with your family? As an ‘ex-pat’ living in India whose eleven year old son was born here, I often get asked about travelling to India with children. Luckily for those guests (and for you too), KOKOindia are the established Family Holiday Specialists for Incredible India.

My son and I have now travelled across eleven (and counting) Indian states together, and have shared some pretty amazing adventures. Rolling down golden sand dunes in the Great Thar Desert, spontaneous midnight swims in our own private infinity pool, clambering over seventh-century temple ruins at sunrise, and playing frisbee on a deserted beach before heading out on a supper-catching fishing trip. We’ve even got up close and personal (but not too personal!) with magnificent Indian elephants and their own cute kiddies on a jungle jeep safari.

Its therefore been hugely exciting for me in recent years to see so many people inspired to travel to India with their children. I’ve also loved seeing more and more Grandparents join in with these family holidays too. It’s the perfect opportunity for parents to do more of their own favourite ‘holiday thang,’ leaving the other two generations to happily take life at a more relaxed pace. (And it goes without saying, Grandparents make the best ever babysitters).

As you will no doubt have gathered by now, I am one super keen advocate of introducing children to the magic of India. It is truly an extraordinary holiday destination – and one that could not be more family friendly or vibrantly colourful if it tried. At KOKOindia, we absolutely love to design luxury and holidays tailored to visitors of all ages. Little ones are soothed to sleep by a gentle houseboat cruise on the Keralan Backwaters. Bigger kids will have their minds totally blown by spotting a tiger on a wild jungle safari. And exploring epic forts, for kids of all ages, is quite literally the stuff that childhood dreams are made of.

Aside from my own personal recommendations (handy tips duly noted every step of the way,folks!) KOKOindia takes great care to research cool places and activities to keep your kids entertained. Booking a holiday with us means unbeatable free advice on what to pack, helpful travel tips to avoid getting frazzled on long journeys, what to miss and what definitely not to miss in each location etc etc. My team and I are always available 24/7 throughout your holiday too, for that added and oh-so-important peace of mind.

Once we begin the planning of your holiday, I will be happy to arrange a friendly phone or video call so that we can be properly introduced. In that way, you can also run any ideas, questions or child-related concerns past me, so we can talk them through. As leading bespoke specialists for Family Holidays in India, a KOKOindia Luxury Travels family holiday is one you are guaranteed to never forget.
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By Joanna Lester-George