KOKOindia loves to design beautiful bespoke holidays with every detail taken care of – but we also leave it up to you how to enjoy your day. Have a lovely lazy morning if you feel like one and set off whenever you’re ready. It’s a holiday after all.

However, should you choose to book a stay with us at Niraamaya Supriya Samudra – the utterly fabulous luxury spa retreat at the southernmost tip of Kerala – here’s an idea of how your dream day could look.

6(ish): after a comfortable night’s sleep, stumble out of bed to catch the first rays of sunlight on your private veranda overlooking the beach.

7am: If you’re a Yoga Lover (or want to give it a try), head down for a complimentary class with Niramaaya’s renowned Yoga Guru on the infinity ocean platform. Stretch, and breathe in all that lovely fresh sea air.

8.15: Back to your villa (feeling smug) for a hot shower in the open air bathroom, whilst freshly ground South Indian coffee is being delivered to your veranda.

9-10 : Breakfast time – perhaps a tropical fruit platter, a South Indian dosa served with coconut chutney , or a stack of pancakes with maple syrup and Nutella. No one’s judging.

Chill …

11am: Head to the Spa for a friendly consultation with one of the amazing doctors, followed by one of the best treatments you’ll ever have. To release the side effects of a busy lifestyle, KOKOindia recommends a deep tissue massage or an Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, where warm oil is drizzled onto your third eye ( a bit like that maple syrup you devoured at breakfast but far less sticky).

12.45: Hammock time to let that wonderful Keralan oil work its magic on your skin, followed by another warm shower. (Niramaaya’s fabulous bathroom products are addictive.)

1.30: Take a stroll to the restaurant or ask Room Service to deliver lunch to your veranda – a homemade mozzarella salad or a light South Indian dish?

More hammock time…

2.30(ish): a refreshing swim in the infinity pool carved out of a rock and some lounging around in the sunshine on the comfy poolside beds

5pm: A gentle stroll along the ocean shore collecting shells, before ….

6pm: Cocktails at the ocean view bar

7pm: Another shower in that sexy bathroom, and very probably another cocktail delivered to your veranda.

8pm: Dinner at a choice of two great restaurants. KOKOindia recommends ‘Essence’ for fine dining with a Thai twist or Café Samsara for signature Keralan and Indian dishes, with a traditional dance performance thrown in.

Back to the veranda for a post prandial brandy before Zzzzz…