Horse & Wildlife Safaris

Rajasthan is a true paradise for wildlife and horse lovers, and KOKOindia is proud to offer our guests more than just the ‘bare necessities’ on our exclusively sourced safaris – we want you to enjoy a stylish and authentic experience you will never forget. Rajasthan is a vast land overwhelmingly rich in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Wild peacocks roam freely, colourful parakeets chatter in palm trees, and endangered species such as Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Snow Leopards and Indian Elephants can be spotted in their natural habitat.

Our personally sourced accommodation includes luxury lodges, royal tented camps, merchant havelis and opulent palaces. You can choose to ride a warrior steed across Rajasthan’s spectacular countryside to discover medieval cattle fairs, hop in a jeep for an adventure in the wild Leopard Hills of Jawai or simply relax at a luxury lakeside camp to enjoy the exotic birdlife.
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