Have you ever thought about enjoying a beach holiday in Goa in May? The main Tourist Season may have come to an end, but its a fantastic time to enjoy a holiday in the tropics. Each day usually holds the promise of glorious sunshine, but the occasional moody sky can predict a spectacular and exciting storm. This is also the best time to witness authentic Indian village life, as Goa prepares for the epic Monsoon weather that arrives in July.

Piles of red chillies, tiny silvery fish and coconut husks are drying in every front yard. Everyone in the local Chai Shop is exchanging rain predictions over tea and banana bread. From my veranda, I can hear the crack of logs being stockpiled for firewood, and the squeals of children enjoying the last of the school holidays.

Just like my little village of Patnem, most of the bays in south Goa are ‘pop up’ beaches. For these, all of the beach resorts and restaurants are just temporary structures during the Season. In November it will all pop back up again – but for now the shacks are closed and shops are colourfully boarded up. This is one of the best times to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in Goa. The sweep of the bays look gorgeously uncluttered, and you can beach walk for miles without encountering another soul. Truly paradise.

Iconic Palolem Beach is still cheerfully busy, however. Plenty of great restaurants are still open, and KOKOindia has some fantastic villa and hotel deals. It’s a joy to see some of the Indian holidaymakers witness their first glimpse of the sea. The ladies splash about in the shallows with happy kids, saris billowing up around them. Weekends in Palolem bring the cool crowd too – couples from Bangalore and Mumbai come to linger over long lunches and sunset cocktails.

One of the best things about May is that Mango Season is finally upon us. For the next few weeks, all of the children in Goa will have permanently orange chins. Jackfruit literally swells before our eyes, and everything feels ripe and luscious.

The animals especially can sense the seasonal change. Disturbed from my sleep last night by the sounds of heavy scuffling outside, I was confronted by the sight of two enormous cows ‘making love.’ I am now bracing myself for the soundtrack of more amorous liaisons between neighbouring farmyard animals. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the buffaloes much …

By Joanna Lester-George

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